My projects take me all over the world, and I am now starting to blog about my trips and experiences. Here is where you will be able to keep track of my travel blog and some of the projects I work on.  

SUP Station Thailand

A few weeks back, I was sent to the ‘Land of Smiles’, Thailand. One of my clients there, SUP Station was looking to create a couple of small videos to promote Stand Up Paddling in Thailand and their new club SUP Station in Bangkok.  The job involved us traveling to some incredibly beautiful places in Thailand, that most people don’t get to go to, or don’t know exist.  We had some special guests with us as well. Professional Paddle Boarding duo and good friends from Team Starboard, SUPBROz, Daniel and Bruno Hasuylo. The boys filled the trip full of positive vibes and smiles.

This was a solo shoot, meaning I was just a run and gun camera operator filming what happened as it happened.

We started out late Thursday night heading 4 hours into the darkness, headed to somewhere along the coast line on the west side of southern Thailand, next to the Burmese border, to a little town called 300 Peaks. From that location we visited the islands, coastal fishing villages, remote beaches and checked out SUP Stations first SUP Point.

After 2 days there we headed north. We were to stop at the famous River Kwai, to grab a shot, but as we were unloading the trailer to start filming, some camouflaged army officers appeared out of no where from the jungle with pretty big guns. After a slight discussion, we were informed we had to leave ASAP as the princess was about to arrive by train, and all areas had to be cleared. Not wanting to argue with the guys with the guns, we packed up and headed of to our destination for that evening, To Thailand’s biggest inland lake. After 40 minutes down a dirt track on the side of a mountain, we finally came to a floating raft on the side of a lake. Soon a man arrived on a motored pontoon. We loaded up the craft and we proceeded to our floating house boat, on a 30 minute ride away in a hidden cove.

This was one of the highlights of our trip. It was paradise. There was no one else around, clear mirrored water, no pollution, no other boats, just pure clean water surrounded by beautiful mountains on the side of a lake. We spent a few days shooting SUP’s and water skiing and enjoying life while we were at it. At night we would just sit on our Paddleboards and just watch the stars with a beer or three.


It was a struggle to pull ourselves away from this place, but we had to move on. Next we were to head back to Bangkok, but first to go back to the River Kwai, to get our shots. This time it was uninterrupted and we had no issues. Cool enough a train did pass over as we were filming.

Our final location for the shoot was at SUP Station’s HQ, about 1 hour north of central Bangkok. We had a group of new paddle boarders come join us that day, we paddled to a temple, and had a good day all around. The HQ was not quite ready to be filmed, as it was still under contractions. But we will be heading back at a later day to film that and the opening.



All around this was a fantastic trip. This is what I love to do, to go to beautiful locations that most people don’t get to see. Spend a week filming amazing people, and capturing some amazing shots. I really look forward to working with SUP Station more down the future as they are really changing the way that Thai people are interacting with water, and also the way that people are visiting Thailand, by exploring it with their SUP Points.
Equipment used on this trip

Sony FS700
Sony A7s
DJI P3 Advanced
DJI Ronin M
Canon 24-70mm
Canon 70-200mm
Canon 50mm 1.2/f
Tokina 11-16mm
Philip Bloom Kessler Slider

And a few other bits and pieces.