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West Australian Screen Award - Bngvel

So not long ago, i was asked by a good friend and talented film maker Owen Beck to help him DOP his PHD feature film Bngvel in Cambodia. 

It was a tough and challenging project but was great fun. 

It turns out it got nominated for several West Australian Screen awards, one of those being best Cinematography - long form. 

Considering this film had a $20,000 dollar budget and we were up against films with $1.5 million dollar budgets, we didn't think we stood much chance. But still we got in our suites and decided we might as well rock up for a free drink and a meal. 

Well it turns out it was a good thing we ended up getting dressed up, which is not something i do very often. As we took home two awards, "Best Cinematography" & "Best Direction". 

We probably didn't make the most confident speeches on the night as we were in a bit of shock. But here is probably the speech I should have given on the night that I posted later to Facebook

So where to start... 10 years ago exactly, Owen Beck mentored myself and a few others to win our first West Australian Screen Award for a short documentary called “A Cambodian Story”. Which was a pretty pivotal moment in my life, as it was the first time that I realised this was what I wanted to do for my career.
10 years later Owen asked me to help him shoot his PHD film in Cambodia called Bngvel. This was an amazing project to work on, as it tackles some very complex issues that Owen has been breaking new ground on and this film helps promote those issues.
It was not an easy film to work on, for many reasons, but a great experience.
I did not think though when we were filming this that we would be taking home a couple of awards at the 2016 WASA’s.
Even more so that one of those was “Best Cinematography” for long form. Which was a shock to us and hence our slightly awkward speeches on the evening for it.
I would like to thank Owen again for the chance to work on this with him and look forward to the extremely exciting projects coming up in the very near future.
I also should thank Mum and Dad(Dennis Vicki Frost) for being extremely supportive the past 10 years, I’m probably also partly responsible for their slightly greyer hair due to me constantly traveling for work and stressing them out with random last minute babysitting for my daughter Annabelle so i am able to work on all the amazing opportunities i get, like Bngvel.
Looking forward to the next 10 years, as I am sure its only going to get bigger and better from here!
— Cameron Frost - Facebook Page

As you can see by the picture bellow we were very honoured to take these awards home, and Owen and I have some pretty exciting projects coming up in the next 6 months that we will be announcing as soon as we can. 

To see more about the film Bngvel head to its Facebook page at , due to this being a PHD feature film it has not been released publicly yet, but will be over the coming months, So stay tuned for public screenings.