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Starboard Windsurfing 2017 Range

So it's that time again, Starboard are about to release their 2017 board range, and this year I've had the pleasure of creating their 2017 product videos for the windsurf department. 

We started working on this back in Feb, which involved a shoot from Geraldton to Margret River in Western Australia for a one week shoot with their 2017 Freestyle and Wave boards. 

We got to spend a week hanging with the amazingly talented and friendly team riders which included Philip Koster, Dany Bruch, Dieter Van der Vayken & Jaeger Stone. Along with Starboard HQ friends Tiesda You, Antione Lefebvre, Albert Pijoan Monne & Ian Fox, along with world famous photographer John Carter. 

With not the best conditions, with a lack of wind and swell, we still managed to get some nice shots together. 

Later on in March we headed to Maui the the United States, this included the team above along with the rest of the dream team including Starboard CEO Svein Rasmussen, Sarah-Quita Offringa, Cyril Moussilmani, Boujmaa Guilloul, Kevin Pritchard, Philip Soltysiak, Matteo Iachino, Fiona Wylde, Zane Schweitzer & Conor Baxter. 

This was a fantastic shoot in an amazing location with even more amazingly talented people. After years of seeing these sports stars in action, it was great to finally meet them all. 

Unfortunately we were about a week early, and missed most of the winds, only getting about 2-3 days of good wind over a 2 week period. There were even talks of rushing of to California to get some more wave sailing shots, as the forecast for Maui was horrible. But in the end we got what we needed. 

A few weeks after this shoot, i went to Starboards HQ and filmed all the boards in their studio there for a week. 

After that it was just editing. 

So the first 4 videos that will be released out of about 20 are the Kode Freewave, UltraKode, Flare & Reactor. 

Enjoy! Also if you have never given windsurfing a try before, pop down to your local shop and give it a try, it truely is one of the most amazing feelings you can have sailing on a windsurfing board. 

I look forward to doing this all again next year! 

Bellow is their new board the "UltraKode", along with updates to their previous boards, Flare, Freewave & the Reactor. 

Check out my facebook page for more of the videos.