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Starboard Windsurfing Shoot in Maui

Oli Oli Kai : Our accomodation for our time in Maui

Oli Oli Kai : Our accomodation for our time in Maui

What was meant to be a week of crazy waves and windsurfing with the worlds best windsurfing prefessionals in Maui... well... mother nature decided to throw us a curve ball. 

Most of last year i worked in Bangkok with Starboard. They are one of the worlds biggest water sports companies specialising in windsurfing and standup paddle boarding(SUP). 

After finishing up in Thailand towards the end of last year, the windsurf department asked me to come along on their Maui shoot they do every year for their 2017 product shoot. Of course my answer was yes. 

The project was to film their 2017 board range and prepare media to be released next year. 

Maui being one of the best spots in the world to windsurf, i was in for some crazy action to film. Until we got there, the wind was gone and swell was tiny... this was cause for some alarm as well windsurfing... needs wind... so we started to come up with alternative ideas such as flying to California follow the wind, scheduling possible other shoots in the canaries for later on in the month. But we still had 2 weeks in Maui to shoot, so we got on with what we could. 

What seemed to be a curse, actually worked out to be a blessing in some ways. Because there was no wind, we got started on the less exciting products and worked out way up, sometimes the less exciting products get neglected in the shoots when there is plenty of wind. But in the last couple of days, some special Kona winds arrived out of nowhere and we were able to get some awesome helicopter sessions done and it saved the whole shoot. Unfortunately we didn't get much wave or jump footage. But we had some of that footage from our shoot in Australia the previous month. 

So what looked like a week of horror turned into a great week hanging with the Starboard team/riders in one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

On this shoot i took some new gear to work with and trail out for some reviews such as the Sony A7sii , DJI Osmo, DJI Phantom 4 and Edelkrone SliderOne. So keep an eye out for those arriving soon. 

Unfortunately I cannot share many pictures or video of this trip due to the boards still being confidential to the public. But i will do another post later in the year about this trip once i have content I am aloud to show. 

But to get a better idea of what we got up to over this trip, go to my instagram account @camfrostdop .